Component Analyzer- Expert Platform for Vibration and Temperature Data

( Magnetic Field, Gyroscope, Barometric Pressure, Humidity can be added as options)

Four Key Features Why Customers Should Buy

  1. 24×7 connected platform for Vibration/Temperature data with options to extract hundreds of readily available signal signature.
  2. Visualize vibration data in the Time domain with all the details of distribution, moments and signal artifacts.  Watch out for all the harmonics in Frequency Domain.
  3. Build your Machine Learning/ Statistical Algorithm using the CA Exp platform easily from hundreds of signature data.
  4. Build your Alert/SMS system, Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) recommendation using this research platform.


Six Things You Can Do With This Component Analyzer

  1. Build Machine Maintenance Automation by Baselining Harmonics or amplitude data.
  2.  Build a Preventative Maintenance Algorithm “on fly” using  CA Expert platform tools.
  3. Map your machine issues with signal signature/artifact and then use an alarm system to classify the mechanical issues /root cause analysis.
  4. You can add your own signal artifact to identify new issues that are not available in our library.
  5. Download Raw/Metadata easily.
  6. Capture the data of special events triggered by a logic set by an expert system.
Vibration Expert Platform | SignaGuard

Vibration Expert is meant for the IMC company experts in Vibrational Analysis.