System Dashboard – for all the Electronics and Sensors (SignaSystemHealth)

Other key challenges, especially in IaaS driven IoT platforms, center around system health of the server instances, sensor electronics, edge electronics, processes, etc.  Just, for example, a system of 10,000 sensors may consist of 10,000 sensor electronics, 1000 gateways/edge electronics and 100 servers.  Any of them can go down or may need to restart or be diagnosed for a fix (many times for just a patch or system update). Server health data is available via API from the public cloud and one can extract the same level of API driven health data of Gateway(hub)/Edge device and sensor electronics. Besides, one needs to track all the system process data.

This enforces a unified Dashboard for Time Series data and an Alarm/SMS driven system to alert the system admin that a particular sensor or server has either gone down or may go down

In simple words, the whole idea of IoT is the automation or reduction of manpower to deliver better service and information.  Now, while checking the health of the machine 24×7, if one needs to invest more manpower in IoT system health, then the basic promise of IoT automation is already defeated.

SignaSystemHealth makes the life of the IoT admin easy, by doing predictive maintenance of the IoT system itself.

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