10% of all the 650,000 bridges in the USA (24% of 240,000 in India) are structurally deficient mainly due to the age-related weathering and increased loading, for which they are not designed. In both countries, neither the government nor the agencies that maintain these bridges, have even 8% of the budget needed to repair them. This has necessitated a range of structural health monitoring (SHM) solutions to help identify the critically deficient structures, based on the active load, at a much lower cost so that the budget can be directed where repair is urgently needed.

The main sensors needed for active SHM monitoring are 3-axis deflection and 3-axis vibration. Furthermore, additional strain gauges, (LVDT) can be installed for crack monitoring and chemical degradation for concrete and seismic wave in the soil.

With SignaGuard, we have developed the most cost effective and the most versatile single sensor method for SHM, which has reduced the cost of active SHM by 90%.

Smart SHM using Multisensing and Edge | SignaBridge