Sensor Calibration and QC ( SignaSensorQC) :

The biggest challenge of sensor maintenance is calibration. Sensors will drift in values as all electronics and transducers do. Depending on what the sensor is, after a few months or years, all the sensors data will be useless unless it is re-calibrated Traditionally, you send the sensor back to the sensor manufacturer and they do the recalibration. Many agencies like FDA and EPA demand recalibration after a regular interval.

There are additional issues of how to store a calibration certificate and apply them properly. On top of everything else, the manual calibration process can be lengthy and erroneous.  If an agency doesn’t want any kind of fuzzing of calibration certificate, one can apply blockchain to store the sensor certificate.

SignaSensorQC can address all these issues. Since every sensor and its calibration requirement is different, this is not a product but a tool that can be linked to your IoT system, satisfying your calibration needs. If regulatory requirements demand stringent fraud-proofing of calibration certification, we can implement blockchain based auto-calibration that will be fully proven against any kind of calibration manipulation.

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