A deep diagnosis of power issues is extremely costly for several reasons.

Power issues like a surge that knocks down a PLC or a delicate control may happen within a  millisecond. On top of that, issues like overvoltage, ground leakage may be temporary or may be long-standing. Issues like harmonics and imbalances tend to exist constantly.

Designing a system that can capture a sub-millisecond current transient and at the same time can offer an amount of analytics like Machine utilization, Machine health, etc. needs a lot of careful planning of Firmware and Edge computation.

Signaguard has some of the most advanced features for power quality diagnosis and is available at the cheapest price.

Why Expert System Visualization?

Most of the factory maintenance people may not be aware of the electrical terminology and its definitions, etc. So, people like them always ask for help from external experts ( it may be his reporting manager or someone else) to analyze the data and generate the report. Most of the common devices in the present market do not have that facility to train users providing proper definition, a standard followed and also providing an option to change threshold as per user, etc in the same UI/APP visualization platform. They may have all that but in the form of separate hard copies. It doesn’t always help users to correlate the data with expected standard but if they get it on the same UI/APP page then it becomes much easier.

So, the user can customize the date and time to select and see.  Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Power Spectral Density (PSD) will also be given to the users over the selected time range by the user.

Eventually, this visualization platform enables common people/users to see data, understanding the data and also understanding the IEEE standard followed. This is why it is called an expert system visualization.

Parameters available in Power Analyzer basic :

  • Voltage (RMS)
  • Current (RMS)
  • Power Factor (lead/lag)
  • Active power (kWatt)
  • Reactive Power (kVAR)
  • Frequency fluctuation (% )
  • Line Voltage fluctuation (%)
  • Voltage THD (%)
  • Current THD(%)
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1. Event driven waveform capturing-Advanced Power Analyzer :
On the expert system visualization platform, MachineSense is also developing advanced version of power quality monitoring system.  Excellence of this event based trigger lies on publishing actual voltage/current waveform for at least 10 cycles (5 cycles before event and 5 cycles after to ensure that event is accurately captured) if any bad event occurred.

It will save some data cost as 24×7 waveform publishing is eliminated and ensure only those event driven analysis. This will help user like any electrical expert to do the forensic analysis on the even data and get to know where exactly the problem lies. In some cases it will also help users to separate whether the issue is due to Utility supply or internal factory line.



2. More accurate measurement of power against highly fluctuating load  ( Power Analyzer Basic) :

Fundamental definition of power

  • DC Source: W = V x A
  • AC Source: W = V x A x PF
  • Active Power: Watts P = Vrms x Arms x PF

¨ Also sometimes referred to as True Power or Real Power

  • Apparent Power: Volt-Amps S = Vrms x Arms

MachineSense Power Analyzer uses digitizing technique to convert analog signal into digital form at high sample rate. MachineSense also builds a special Firmware to handle high slew rate of load change and apply FFT on high sampled data to get the transient parameter values against such fluctuating load.

MachineSense Power Analyzers the following method to calculate power:

  • Pavg = 1/T òT0 v(t) * I (t) dt

It definitely gives more accurate result than conventional method :   P = Vrms x Arms x PF

Where PF is the most uncertain parameter to calculate because of high transient of load. Phase delay between <V,I> is always going to change in such load condition. So MachineSense is already following more accurate technique for power measurement.


3. More accurate Power Factor measurement  ( Power Analyzer Basic):

In AC source PF contributes to the active power and reactive power of apparent power.

Cosine component of phase delay between <V,I>  gives us PF value and it defines the active power which is being consumed by the load.

Where as sine component of phase delay between <V,I> defines reactive power which is being exchanged between load and source through LC tank circuit.

When load is changing very fast and very often, calculating accurate PF based on this conventional method is not going to be easy one. MachineSense follows other way to calculate power factor which is more accurate than conventional.

  • Power Factor: ( ) , where Active power is being calculated by following

Pavg = 1/T òTv(t) * I (t) dt.


4. Event based FFT analysis- Advanced PA :
In basic Power Analyzer version, MachineSense  publishes normal  voltage/current data trend and its FFT based on steady state process over the selected time zone by  user.  This normally helps Auditor to generate a report against each machine for any factory based on steady running condition and it is not meant for 24×7 monitoring for event to be occurred and then captured waveform like that.

But machine experts will get FFT data based on event data only from Advanced PA. Same FFT is to be followed but only on event data to do the forensic analysis.



5. Data download from expert platform over a selected period :
Raw data is always a key to any machine expert for health monitoring.  MachineSense will also enable user to download data on demand. They can have normal steady state data from basic PA as well as transient data from Advance PA.



6. Ease of integration with third party cloud :

MachineSense is developing this new expert system platform as some sort of open source UI/APP so that it can be easily integrated with third party if users wish too. Features also can be added into existing platform without much effort  by users yourselves ( if they want it) or by MachineSense (if they wish MachineSense to do it for them by giving proper requirement documents).


7. Low cost :

Present market of course offers the same monitoring tool/device but at 8-10 times cost of what MachineSense offers today. It is possible because MachinSense develops its all layer from Hardware-proto type-PCB manufacturing-Firmware-Middleware-Cloud-Analyitcs by it’s own team so MachineSense never depends on third party for any development and hence reduce the out-sourcing cost.