President, COO & Co-Founder, SignaGuard, LLC

Dr. Biplab Pal, PhD

Biplab co-founded SignaGuard, LLC and assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer in September of 2014. Biplab became President & COO of SignaGuard in December 2018.

He leads a multi-disciplinary in-house engineering team in the development of SignaGuard’s IoT technology. The development has led to 14 US and international patent applications in Industrial IoT.

Throughout his career, Biplab has worked extensively in the R&D of sensor and sensor networking for process engineering and telecommunication. Before co-founding SignaGuard, Biplab started a R&D company in 2012, Zreyas Technology, Inc. which produced wireless connected sensors for emerging IoT areas. There he led the development of a fault monitoring earth/ground system for cell towers, IoT based farming automation using an extended Zigbee system, a Bluetooth-based bio-authenticated security system for community locking as well as a IR/UV-based fraud detection system.

In 2013, he spun off Auto Predictive Coding, LLC from Zreyas Technology, Inc. for development of Big Data machine learning algorithms used in extracting real time intelligence from high velocity sensor data. He has also served as advisor to the CEO for Big Data analytic companies Soft10, Inc. and Treeminer, Inc.

Biplab’s extensive experience includes the development of optical sensor technology while he worked as principal sensor engineer and R&D manager for Endress + Hausser in Anaheim. He developed new sensor systems for UV-visible /IR for FDA/EPA mandated quality control in the biotech, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and environmental sectors. He has also worked as Principal Engineer for Ciena Corp.

Biplab is an alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT KGP) where he obtained BS & MS in Physics and a PhD in Electronics and Telecommunication. During the pursuit of his PhD, he worked in Politechnique di Turino and University of Pisa in Italy in a collaborative optical electronics research program funded by the European Union.

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

Conrad Bessemer

Conrad is the executive chairman and cofounder of SignaGuard, LLC and CEO/Managing Partner of Novatec, Inc. in Baltimore. Novatec is the largest manufacturer of dehumidifying dryers for the plastics industry in North America. Prior to the purchase of Novatec, Conrad worked for The Conair Group, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) a manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for plastics from 1996 until 2006.

During his tenure, the company grew 500% in revenue. From 2001 to 2006, Conrad was President of Conair North America. He left Conair in 2006 to join with Steve Maguire of Maguire Products, Inc. to purchase Novatec. Through the introduction of new products and with his leadership, Novatec has tripled in sales. This has been accomplished with the active assistance of his wife Susan who is a major part of the leadership team.

In addition, Conrad serves as Chairman of the Political Science Board of Visitors of Pennsylvania State University.