Motion Analysis

Machines, Sports and Healthcare have a huge need for motion analysis. It can apply to the motion of a machine part, ball or bat, shoes or even neck movement for better sleep. So far, motion analysis has been expensive because of the complexity involved to extract a noise-free, reliable, and repeatable signal.

There are two kinds of motion-Translational and Rotational. Translational data are available from the AC/Vibration sensor which provides acceleration of x, y, and z-axis. Rotational data are available from Gyroscope (GY) which provides a velocity of 3 axis angles.

However, tracing the actual motion from AC or GY data is not so straightforward. It does involve several layers of physical transformation and noise elimination before the path of the motion of an object can be traced. SignaGuard Edge Platform is already equipped with transform variables and mathematics that will help to launch any motion-based analysis more quickly than previously possible.