Current Signature Analysis | SignaPower

Since the 1970s, the analysis of the spectrum of the current load to inductive motor gained attention for the health monitoring of both motor bearing and winding.  From 1985, since processors could support FFT of the current, MCSA or Motor Current Signature Analysis gained tremendous momentum, both academically and industrially for inductive motor monitoring. As the cost of computing devices were reduced in cost, it became easier to do MCSA for large horsepower HT motors, at least from the cost point of view.

In SignaGuard Edge, MCSA has been extended for AC drive failures, welding machines, and many other inductive systems. Fundamentally, one can extract many signatures from the current, both in time and in the frequency domain. These features are rich in information about the health of the machines. MCSA is only a subset of the immense possibility that CSA can offer if applied to other systems.

MachineSense LLC ( has developed a series of products using  MCSA :

  1. 1, 2 and 4 port Power Quality Analyzer (with energy management)
  2. Motor (bearing and stator) Failure Analytics
  3. AC Drive Failure Analytics
  4. Power Quality Analyzer for MRI Machines
  5. Power Quality Analyzer for Blast Furnace Inductive Heating
  6. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for Welding Machines

For details please see: MachineSense Products