Six Key Reasons to Purchase SignaGuard Expert Platform for IoT

  • SignaExpert platform offers Statistical, Machine Learning, and System/Signal tools built in with IoT (sensor data) so that a data scientist can easily add an alarm, gauge, etc. for their IoT system without doing much or any coding.
  • Instead of finished analytics, SignaExpert will provide the playground to do any form of analytics with live sensor data, stored failure data, and third-party sensor data.
  • Once analytics are matured and well tested, a simpler form of gauge visualization updating is possible for users who are not experts.
  • Provision to run custom codes/analysis for data analytics with our tools.
  • A large number of features/signatures/artifacts extraction from SensorSignal – easy choice for the Data Scientists to correlate issues/objectives with a particular signature.
SignaGuard Expert Platform

Things We Do with Expert System (SignaExpert Platform)

  • Advanced IoT data visualization system which is easily customizable.
  • Easy download of data and metadata on any time frame.
  • Download the data triggered by a predefined event.
  • Merge your algorithms with our sensor data/or a third party data and visualization will be automatic.
  • Easy detection of outliers and noisy data, thus helping researchers to find signals in data easily.
  • Ready-made model development system for fast experimentation bringing advanced tech to an easy-to-use platform for mass adoption.
  • Point and click interface for advanced statistical tasks and simplified report generation to be used in presentations and reports – thus enabling dynamic analysis/analysis on the fly. No need for separate software/platform for analysis and reporting.
SignaGuard Expert Platform