MachineSense, LLC ( started its journey in September 2014, funded by Novatec, Inc. to develop IoT technologies for smart machines. In 2018, it became clear some of the patented technologies developed by MachineSense, such as IoT infrastructure automation tools, inductive edge, expert visualization, etc., are required by all the IoT platform ecosystems. In Sept 2018, The Majerhat Bridge collapsed in Kolkata, India, following which the local government invited MachineSense to put up an IoT system quickly for 24×7 bridge monitoring which the company did within one day, as MachineSense IoT tools are very easy to install. In the following months, MachineSense received a number of requests for Bridge monitoring, fire hazard monitoring using vibration, deflection and power quality issues. Given the increasing demands in the public safety area of IoT tools, MachineSense, LLC. started its new division, SignaGuard, which is focused on public safety and IoT automation tools.


The cornerstone of SignaGuard really is the science of vibration and electrical signatures and using that data to not only help prevent/predict machine failure, but also to give a voice to public and other assets through the science of vibrational and electrical signature monitoring and analytics.  These hidden voices are there for the analysis if properly tapped into and then must use analytics to improve human response to important asset conditions, some of which could result in the loss of the asset itself and/or human injury or death.

Electrical IOT Solutions
Public Safety Solutions

SignaGuard therefore deals with IoT solutions in the two main verticals of Industry 4.0 and Public Safety.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about sensor data. These data are recorded in cloud or in edge with a time stamp. The time stamp indicates the time of origin of the data. As a result, sensor data is nothing but a time series data. In classical engineering, it is called “Sensor Signal”.

The challenge in all IoT applications is how to extract useful analytics or actionable intelligence out of the sensor signals. So, in an academic sense, IoT is the application of signal analysis.

In reality, application of classical signal analysis to solve an IoT problem is not that straightforward.  Some of the issues like elimination of noise, detection of artifacts from the signal trend, etc. can be solved using traditional signal analysis. However, there are bigger infrastructural issues such as soft connectivity due to poor internet connection, running the whole signal analysis on a system that can be easily imported into cloud or on-premise based infrastructure, or for that matter extracting artifacts too quickly or over a larger period of time using the same computational system, — all of them can pose significant system and architectural challenges.

SignaGuard builds solutions that solve this essential problem of IoT implementation at scale. In terms of sensor signals, the SignaGuard edge platform can extract hundreds of signatures (artifacts) from Vibration, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Current, Voltage, Power Factor, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, and Sound etc.  Each artifact is related to a particular problem that can be solved via IoT infrastructure that SignaGuard has built out on Azure IoT PaaS cloud and the SignaGuard Gateway Edge platform.

Industry 4.0 and Public Safety | SignaGuard
IoT Implementation at Scale | SignaGuard
SignaGuard Expert Platform
SignaGuard Expert Platform | SignaGuard

SignaGuard Expert Platform for IoT – Key Differentiators

  • SignaGuard Expert Platform offers Statistical, Machine Learning, and System/Signal tools built in with IoT ( sensor data)- so that a data scientist can easily add alarm, gauge, etc. for his IoT system without doing much or any coding.
  • Instead of finished analytics, SignaGuard Expert Platform will provide the playground to do any form of analytics with live sensor data, stored failure data and third party sensor data.
  • Once analytics are matured and well tested, a more simpler form of gauge visualization updation is possible for not-so expert kind of users.
  • Provision to run custom codes/analysis for data analytics with our tools.
  • A large number of features/signatures/artifacts extraction from Sensor Signal- easy pick for the Data Scientists to correlate issues/objectives with a particular signature.
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SignaGuard Expert Platform – Key Features

  • Advanced IoT data visualization system which is easily customizable
  • Easy download of data and meta data on any time frame
  • Download the data triggered by a predefined event
  • Merge your algorithms with our sensor data/ or a third party data-and visualization will be automatic
  • Easy detection of outliers and noisy data – thus helping researchers to find signals in data easily.
  • Ready made model development system for fast experimentation. Bringing advanced tech to an easy to use platform for mass adoption.
  • Point and click interface for advanced statistical tasks and simplified report generation to be used in presentations and reports – thus enabling dynamic analysis / analysis on the fly. No need for separate software / platform for analysis and reporting.
IoT Data Visualization System | SignaGuard
SignaGuard Expert Platform