Vibration Signature Diagnostics

Vibration Signature Diagnostics

Safety of big structures like flyovers or tall buildings is of paramount importance for a congested metropolis. Deaths from the collapse of bridges

Electrical Signature Diagnostics

Electrical Signature Diagnostics

Fire hazards can take place due to several reasons like smoking, combustion sparks, burner flames, lightning, faulty electrical equipment

Motion & Vibration Diagnostics

Motion & Vibration Diagnostics

As the topology and ground of most of the cities have changed over the last couple of decades due to rapid urbanization and river basins become


What Is SignaGuard™?

SignaGuard™ is an edge platform for sensor signal analysis and transforming that analysis into actionable intelligence by data science. SignaGuard™ implements IoT Solutions primarily for the Industry 4.0 and Public Safety domains. The SignaGuard™ edge platform accommodates a large diversity of architecture such as working with sensor edge or edge cloud or a public cloud (Like Azure PaaS/IaaS). Sometimes even if no cloud is required, you can connect the SignaGuard™ platform directly to an HMI or mobile app or to a Desktop app. Industrial 4.0 is not yet standard and therefore, it makes sense to offer an architecture which is highly flexible and offers all the cross-platform importing capability.

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What Makes Us A Unique IoT Solutions Company

Diversified Edge Technology

SignaGuard ( Machinesense)  Edge is diversified to work with cloud, no cloud and HMI. Can support very fast (10 Mbps) and high volume ( > 100 GB) of sensor data.

Richest Signature Library

SignaGuard (Machinesense) Edge Engine can extract 150  Time and Frequency domain statistical features from sensor data ( Vibration, Gyroscope, Current/Voltage, Magnetic field, Vacuum etc.)

IoT Data Simulator

SignaGuard ( Machinesense) has a huge library of machine failure data obtained from factories and lab. Organized in a simulator ( Digitwin Simulator) , these data are used for better analytic modeling and scalability testing of the system.

IoT Support Functions

Diagnosis of sensor connectivity, managing firmware/software version of all the sensors/edge, managing sensor calibration/recalibration, managing system calibration, packaging of sensors, complex machine architecture – large number of automated tools for supporting IoT.

IoT Data Visualization

Machinesense ( SignaGuard ) offers two kinds of IoT visualizations – for experts with rich statistical and data science tools and for laymen with gauge display. Visualization for both vertical and horizontal IoT.

Portable To Any IoT Platform

Every SignaGuard ( Machinesense) edge/IoT technology can be easily imported to a third party PaaS or IaaS platform like Azure IoT, Mindsphere etc. Designed to be IoT platform agnostic.


Making Machines Smarter

Add our sensor and edge platform to your machines and Things - make them connected and extract the information you need!


Analytics Platform

We also offer our edge and analytic platform if you already have a sensor connected Machine or Things. We can retrofit our Edge and Analytics to your existing Hardware/Machines


IoT Automation Support

We offer our IoT automation support tools ( connectivity, build management etc), if you are already running a IoT platform and want to build it at scale.


Better IoT Analytics

You want to develop better IoT analytics ? Use our IoT simulator and expert platform to have easy access to failure data and different signal processing as well as machine learning tools for IoT

US Startup to Assess Flyover Condition: A US-based startup will hold a demonstration on Haldiram flyover in Kolkata, India, that connects New Town with VIP Road, by using sensor-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The technology will be used to monitor vibrations and deflections to understand whether there are any internal structural damage to the flyover. “If the demonstration is found helpful, the firm might be engaged to conduct surveys on other bridges as well,” said a Hidco official. “Sensor-based equipment will be fixed between two columns of the flyover to monitor the vibrations when a vehicle plies on it. The signal pertaining to the vibration will be sent to a computer so that the data can be analyzed,” the official added. The data received will also be able to ascertain how much vehicular load the flyover is capable of handling.


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